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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Missed the great international Doll and Teddybearshow AHOY

Oh, I'm so dissapointed, I could not come to Ahoy because of three Railway accidents. I missed the contact with my friends/fantasy-artists and missed their beautiful art. I missed the Memorial-table for Hannie Sarris. I missed the Pink Ribbon action. I missed a wonderful weekend with my friend, for many years we go together to Ahoy. So now I'm sitting home and waiting for many pictures of visitors or artists who have been there! But perhaps I should pity those who were involved in the accidents and feel sorrow for their family and friends.

Above you see a drawing I made on a course: drawing รก la Hundertwasser.


essie said...

I missed you!
I will send you a link when I post all the pics I made.
Will you mail me your address so I can send you the little present I have for you?

essie said...

BTW a beautiful painting.

essie said...
Here you can find pics of the show, not the best pics but it gives a nice impression ;D


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