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Monday, October 25, 2010

Visiting Orval

This weekend we went to Orval and visited the ruines of an old Monastry. Famous because of the beer and cheese that the monks produce (very tasteful indeed!). Also inspiring because of the history and legend of Matilda of Tuscany, a strong Italian noblewoman and warrior in the Middle Ages.

There was this beauiful tree, it looks like a Tree of Life. Orval lies in Belgium near the border with France, it is an inspiring place. I hope to show you some new work one of these days.

I'm working on this small and fragile cloth and claydoll, not a "Matilda"-doll!


essie said...

Beautiful pictures Mariet.
Looking forward to see your new doll finished :D

So Dark So Cute said...

Very beautiful!
a new dollie?! hurry up! :-)

Regina said...

What a beautiful place. One day I hope to travel and see some of the old world. Thank you for allowing me to feel as though I did today!!

Excited about seeing the new little doll. Love your work!!


Emce said...

thanks for your response, the weather was fine theat day, so we were lucky!
little dolly does not know what colors she wants to wear


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