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Monday, October 11, 2010

Messing around with mr Humbly

Every evening Humbly watches the boats go by
Dreaming a life he never dared to live
He was too shy 
But no regrets, his mind sails around the world
And far beyond
With his big feet firmly  on the ground

I created this poem before I finished mister Humbly and I saw his looks in my mind. How sad he didn't turn out the way I wanted. I used the wrong clay and painting was a disaster. It became a mess. I wanted to drop him in the category 'unfinished', I have so many of them...... But mr Humbly was stubborn although he is shy. He whispered please let me play my part.  So Mr Humbly became my teacher: You can't always make what you want.....


Tina Eudora said...

Emce I don;t know what you had in mind for this little guy but he is just perfect! I just adore him! What a sweetheart, you are so creative and it just shines through everything you create!
Have a great evening...
Tina xo

So Dark So Cute said...

Mr Humbly is a very cool dude!

Emce said...

Thanks for your comments!

essie said...

I think the poem and Mr Humbly goes together very well.
I love your cutlery people :D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Mariet.
Nice painting.

Marijke said...

Leuk dat je langs kwam op mijn blogsite!(idd samen dus.Is wel zo makkelijk)
Ben ook op Deviant idd, heb het alleen ff te druk gehad om die bij te houden. en eigenlijk moet ik ook daar nu een nieuwe want de naam klopt niet meer...haha.
Dus er zal nog wel een deviant verhuizing aankomen ook .
Ik zal je even op Volgen zetten...Linkruiltje doen trouwens?
En leuk dat je een versje hebt bij je werk!

Thanx you stepped by on my blogsite! (indeed together,easier to maintain)
I've indeed got a Devian either, but I was busy last months and didn't quit keep that up.
To tell the truth ...I need a new one there too,cause the name isn't right anymore,haha!
So there will be a Deviant movement coming up by time.
I will put you on to do a link exchange?
And I like it that you have a little poem by your work!


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