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Monday, June 7, 2010

30-minute walk 2

Last week I made my 30-minute-walk with a new mission. Better prepared then last time, carrying a bag to collect new items. There are so many things to collect, paper, plastics, cigarette-boxes with warnings like smoking causes cancer and so on. Next time I will have to wear protective gloves, there is so much dirt...... So I decided to collect nature herself. I found many special things, beautiful feathers, nice colored seeds, and last but not least an amazing fine eggshell. So fragile, like life, but also protecting immature life.The color bleu is wonderful! I think it belonged to a young blackbird, hope he or she will survive.There were also many wingshaped seeds, still lying there since last autumn. They will never become a new tree but can be used in a collage.

Reading the local newspaper I saw an article about cleaning your enviroment. When lots of people clean once in a while a bit in nature the world will look different. It will make the world a nicer place for our children, not by rules or punishment but by positive action. When you become a member you get a dirt-pickup (I don't know the english word) for free. So join the "Stichting vrijwillige zwerfafvalopruimers" at I will!!


Pattee said...

I love that you go on a walk and collect the things you see. Its also great to pick up your enviroment... one cigarette case at a time : )

So Dark So Cute said...

wat goed van je om je bij die stichting aan te sluiten! ik heb daar echt geen tijd voor,hihihi! als ik vrije tijd heb ben ik aan t rommelen met klei,stofjes,verf etc...

Trolineke said...

Wat goed van je en wat leuk zo'n stichting.
Ik loop ook elke dag een half uur en bij mij in de buurt gooi ik rommel in de prullenbak.
Maar ik raap ook wel eens iets op wat ik kan gebruiken voor het boetseren.
Volgens mij loop ik altijd te neuzen.


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