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Monday, May 24, 2010

My dreams are blue

What color symbolizes your dreams? My dreams are blue. Perhaps blue is for many people the color of their dreams. It is the color of the sky, of innocence and it is divine, the blessed virgin Mary is always pictured in blue and white.

We know that colors influence our live in many ways. Imagine a world without a blue sky or without the many shades of green. The peaceful green is one of my favorites!

In the middle-ages red was the color of sin, the devil himself is red. Red is also the color of the heart, of blood and fire. It activates us. Red is a signal to stop as used in trafic, or to eat the fruit that is rie. Biologists teach us that many aninmals use their colors, to hide or to attack, to seduce a or to say: "don't eat me, I'm toxic!'

Now-a -days in Western culture black is the color of sadness, of mourning and don't forget of sin. Women want to seduce in black lingerie, but the burka is also black, why? There are many black artists and your guess is correct; black is the main color they use.

The color of art is an essential part, even when you use only black and white shades, so be aware.


So Dark So Cute said...

what a wize words! your so right about the colors!

Emce said...


Pattee said...

Black is my favorite color ... but I agree with what you said about colors...

Thanks for following me and now I'll follow you!


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