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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

30-minute walk

I often make a 30-minute-walk with my dog along a small stream. It is beautiful there on the outskirts of my village. On this spot you can find beautiful trees and vegetation. Many birds, including storks build their nests there. Scottish cows, (in Dutch language Hooglanders), are grazing in the meadows. Can you picture the situation?
In those thirty minutes of walking I saw lots of trash. I collected only the flat tins. I found six, in their own way they have beautiful colors because nature is doing her own artwork. I did not collect the tans that were still in good shape because I had nog bag. 
Many artist paint tans, one of them is Andy Warhol, with his famous painting of Cambellsoup. But I was realy amazed by the work of Nikos Floros, using tans for his creations. Look and see:
Perhaps I'm gonna make a collage of the tans I found. Next walk I will focus on an other item. Nature is art on its own, even though people make sometimes a mess. 

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