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Sunday, June 27, 2010



Hector is my newest creation. Hector is about aging, getting wrincles and spots. Hector is a wise man, so he knows that aging is a process that you cann't avoid. Many of us want to avoid aging because it always gives a kind of loss. Loss of beauty and much severe loss of health. We must deal with it.

Medical surgery creates a new illusion and we always lose.......
Is aging so awful? Hector has become a calm and stable person. And imagine a life forever young. We know the classic stories of vampires that live forever, they were not happy.
This brings me to the story of Sartre, les jeux sont faits. You cann't escape the choices you make, you cann't escape from your life. But that is a theme is for philosphers and not for Hector.
Wrincles and spots can be charming, especially when others were them! Hector sometimes wants to be young and is dreaming of those days.


Laurina Bartmann-Lucius said...

Hector is heel mooi geworden, leuk met die vorkjes als voetjes en oortjes. En leuk verhaaltje wat je daar hebt geschreven,ik kon het toch niet laten om het te lezen ;-) hihi. Alleen plaatjes kijken is zo saai.
Groetjes Rianne

Lucas Brouwers said...

Hector ziet er heel tof uit! Indrukwekkende neus heeft ie.. Niet dat hij daar iets aan moet laten doen natuurlijk!

So Dark So Cute said...

Hector is supercute! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Leuk met die vorkjes overal.
Hector is leuk.

Pattee said...

OMG I LOVE Hector!!!!!!! He is adorable and I love that you used forks!!!!

I love that look he has... : )

Thanks for stopping by ~ I'll put your name in the virtual hat for the mystery faerie!
: ) Pattee


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