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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Es made my day!

Who made my day? Yesterday I received a package. I'm always pleased when I get a package, most of them are ordered by myself. This package was a gift of a very talented artist and friend:
                   Esther Verschoor
Now I have a real  Vanessie in my colletion! This little fellow is so lovely!! He reminds me of the aviary with birds in our backyard when I was a child. Every bird had his or her own personality.
Thank you so much!!! It has comforted me, not going to Ahoy doesn't matter anymore.

My own creations have adapted their new friend. Thanks again Es!

Don't forget to visit Essies site; 


essie said...

Thank YOU so much Mariet.
You are always so supporting and kind.
I'm so happy you like him.

So Dark So Cute said...

Very sweet of her huh?! ;-)
You really deserve it Mariet!
Es is right, you're always the first to leave a comment wheb we made something new!

Anonymous said...

I also got one of these beautiful creation.

Emce said...

dank je wel dames


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