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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

cloth and clay doll

Work in progress
I'm following an internet-course
My first cloth and clay doll.
It still needs finishing, painting and giving it an aged look.


Abi said...

Looking good!

So Dark So Cute said...

i'm looking forward to see what you make of this cloth and clay doll!

Pattee said...

I think your doing a fabulous job on her!

Yes I've taken a class from Marlaine and Ankie!
Olga lives in Switzerland so maybe she will come to Holland one day : )

So Dark So Cute said...

Hi Mariet! If you want to win one of the 2 prizes, you have to make a blogpost about my giveaway. Thats the only rule :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice to see, that you make a doll.
I am looking forward to the final result.

Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

hey girl! congrats you're the 2nd one who wrote on my post for a greeting cards!
can you send me please your address to :

ah and let me know which card would you like :)

Sandra Valerie said...

wanna see it in color!


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