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Monday, July 19, 2010


My old dolls mean a lot to me, I'm happy they're still with me. In my puberty and adolescence they were less important. My mother loved dolls so she took care for them during a long time.
I got baby Chris as a birthday present from my godfather. I gave this doll the name of my uncle, who was a generous man, a farmer. He was not only my godfather, actually he was the godfather of my mother's family. Everyone loved to visit him and his family and we, children, liked playing around on his farm.
I loved my baby-doll, giving him water and refreshring cotton diapers. Later on Marianne came as a Santa Claus present. She was very welcome with her beautiful long hair. The clothes they're wearing are made by my mother. I learned from here that working with your hands makes happy. She was mindful before that word existed, working with concentration and attention and taking life as it is.
The dolls are still in good condition, perhaps because both of them are made by Schildkr√∂t, still  a leading German firm in dollmaking. Later on many dolls entered and left my house but Chris and Mariannne will stay.

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Abi said...

Lovel dolls, and what a clever mum you have. Glad you received the card... thank you for participating :O)


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