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Monday, July 12, 2010

Fatal attraction

I worked a long time on this collage. The weather was fine and and it is still too hot to be active. I had this beautiful print of Marie-Antoinette and did not know what to do with it. So I started to cut her loose from her background.
She was a long time on my desk. I had no ideas untill I saw a picture of an arc. I completed the background with wallpaper and added details with acrylic paint.

You see a beautiful women with broken hearts on a string. Flowers are growing from the blooded ground. The white flowers are turning red. Marie-Antoinete stands in my collage for all the women (and men) who play with the hearts of others. Not because their love has faded away but out of their own interests. But sometimes life will turn against them, we know how Marie-Antoinette ended ....... Perhaps I'm gonna make some more collages on the roles and positions of women.


Abi said...

Thank for visiting! beautiful collage you have created. Love it very much.

Abi said...

Thanks Emce, he looks like a lovely dog! What else are you working on wise?


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