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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Everthing is going to be/collage

De watersnoodramp 1953

This image was the base for my collage. There was an inmense flood in 1953 in the Netherlands. Two months ago it was sixty years ago and there were several commemorations  to remember this tragedy.

When I was making another collageI found a match for this picture by coincidence. A coloured picture with trees, water and houses. I did not have a theme but now water became a theme.

Sometimes our soules are flooded with grieve or sorrow. Everyone has to face it. Tears and water are sisters. Then there was this calendar of Klimt, it was in my study in 2012. And on this  calendar there was a painting which is called the Water nymphs, Nixen, Silberfische.

It is a strange painting and when you turn it around the nymphs look like tears. I added a lovely green that  was in a magazine and I liked (a part) of the text on this page. The text has wisdom and philosophy. In the end I added the bird and the dots in acrylic paint.

And after two weeks I added the eyes, like fishes in the water....just like the nymphs and the tears...

and here it is:

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