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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Making a collaborative corps

I'm so pleased that I entered the collaborative corps project on DA. One artist starts a collage or drawing and the other finishes the project. The part from the first artist is covered. The photo's show the process. I am very happy that I was connected to Betty Krueger.

this arrived in my mailbox, a perfect and creative dividing of the paper

I decided to match with the brown colors 

searching matching colors

mix and match

too dark, they need some life: a baby!!
making a connection with the upper-side
Revealing the covered part is very exciting !!

 and here the endresult!!


betty krueger said...

i wish i had thought to take pictures of the process, great idea!

Laura Tringali Holmes said...

Cool idea, starting on the diagonal! And Betty Krueger, the process photos are a ton of fun. If you want to see mine, they're on my blog--last entry of February, I think.

Anonymous said...

Je bent goed bezig.


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