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Friday, March 2, 2012

Dabida 2012

I did not enter the contest for the Dabidaaward 2012. The theme RHYTHME did not inspire me. Here you can see the nominees.  I copied them from the official DABIDA site.  I love many dolls that have been nominated although some are not original (no I do not mention any names) and some do not match the theme. Perhaps originality is difficult to achieve, we are always inspired by others. I love the two dolls on top.Which one is your favorite? I'm so curious who is gonna win this prestigious award.

Rezanova Svetlana 
Konstantina Morou

Helen Misiuna / Lumis

Monique Aantjes 
Margriet Nijs

Nina Tugarina
Victoria Chichinadze

Oplakanska Helena

Viktoria Minenko
Elena Khovanskaya


1 comment:

So Dark So Cute said...

1,2 en 8 zijn mijn favorieten. Ik kan alleen bij nr 8 geen ritme zien. Waarschijnlijk zal er een Russin winnen zoals tegenwoordig...


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