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Sunday, August 14, 2011

the mirror has two faces; no 7

I have decided to write alternate on my old and new blog (art-mirror) where you can find pictures of my visit to Dresden, which was very inspiring.

Here is my new card, it is called Depression or Reflections of heaven. I made it a while ago and exposed it already on Deviant Art. But there was something missing. I added lately the text: "reflections of heaven" and now it feels as completed. I hope you agree. I meant to put some hope in the card as well and not only the sad theme. I hope you enjoy it.


So Dark So Cute said...

Yes, with the text its much better! This is my favorite :-) It symbols my dad... You saw the crow on my balcony a while ago, so a crow is now a symbol of him.

Emce said...

thanks, i thought so, hope you are doing fine!


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