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Friday, August 19, 2011

Brocante and antique

Today we visited Vieillefrance in Biest Houtakker. The weather was nice. I was totally charmed by the cat with tree legs. He or she was enjoying the sun in the late afternoon.
They have a miraculous collection and it felt like we were fifty years, or more, back in time. I discovered an old christmasgroup, the one that we had in my family when I was a kid. It is now on my attic, broken and incomplete in a box.

When I was a child the angel and the black king fascinated me the most and I adored the little sheep. The owners have a wonderful collection, with all kinds of everyting, and I'm sure I will go back and buy something. But first I need to clean up my house and remove old never used stuff. I like a modern and simple style with a few antique objects but sometimes I can not resist those old objects with so much history.

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Laura Tringali Holmes said...

I have an old Christmas Nativity set, too. My favorite pieces are the camels.


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