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Saturday, September 11, 2010



Last week we spent our vacation in our own country and it was beautiful. We have visited Holland, with the typical Dutch-design houses and landscape. Don't think our whole country looks like this, with beautiful tiny houses, cows and windmills.

North-Holland and South-Holland are two provinces of the Netherlands, we visited the north. On the first picture you see Alkmaar, a very charming little town well known for its tasty cheese. Even Alkmaar has a little redlight-district but the politicians want to close it.
The other pictures are made near Bergen. Bergen is a beautiful village where many classy (and rich) people live, well dressed with nice hairstyles. We saw a fashion-show on the beach with high heeled ladies in black while we were walking with our dog and wearing clothes and hiking shoes :).

Just another week of vacation and then back to work. I hope the vacation will stimulate my creativity.
You can still participate in my give-away, next week I'll pick a winner!


essie said...

Hey you was so close to my place :D

Paulien said...

Aah mooie foto's! Wanneer krijg ik de rest te zien ?:)


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