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Friday, September 3, 2010

Cleaning clears your house and your mind

I consider this as my own invention but I really don't know if I'm claiming something that exists during a long time. Cleaning my cabinet I found some stuffingmaterial for dolls and bears. As you can see I put the plastic granules in a little bucket. I keep my sculptingtools in all kinds of little vases, cups etc.  and they are always falling ......
And see my solution for this problem. Now I'm gonna organize all my tools in this way.
Organizing and cleaning is refreshing when you don't do it in a compulsive way. It can clear your mind as well.

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So Dark So Cute said...

You're absolutely right! Why am i so lacy :-(

essie said...

Hey great tip!!
Thanks Mariet.

@Donna: Ja Don ik weet ook niet waarom jij zo van kant bent, komt vast door alle stof wat in je huis ligt, net als bij mij trouwens ;), omdat je zo lazy bent LMAO (ik had deze spelfout ook zo kunnen maken hoor :D)


Emce said...

dames, ik zal niet verklappen hoe lang die vulling al ligt en hoe lang ik er niet naar gekeken heb


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