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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The story of Nehalennia/2: her dog

The story of Nehalennia part 2

Since my visit to Domburg Nehalennia is intriging me. I wrote about her before. I never finish a collage in a short time. Sometimes it takes several months. Now I know that this is my style of working, I do not worry about it anymore. I make a basic design (this time on a print of Klaus Bemmer) and then it's time to wait for the perfect match. Waiting is not the right word, I search for the perfect combination, in my head, in magazines, in daily life.
Nehalennia needed a dog as her story tells. She was waiting at the seashore with her greyhound, protecting those who were on sea. I could not find the right dog. She was not pleased with the greyhound I gave her......she was not pleased with the labrador.....  I tried other animals, I tried shells , I even asked her if she could change in another sea-godess. But Nehalennia did not agree: I want to be who I am!!

a perfect match
a lovely dog
And then, after a long time I found a picture of a seashore, a perfect match to the collage! And in the same magazine: the dog. Perfect color and shape! A large brown animal, representing faith and loyality. And I was grateful that Nehalennia did not agree and tested my patience
Nehalennia, finished after 4 months.....

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