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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

hold on to your dreams

On the first day of Christmas our grown-up children found some notebooks (1996) in which we wrote down our holiday-memories. It was nice to read our personal "familychronicle". Every family has a story with memories, with love and pain, with loss and happiness.

Yesterday one of my collages was printed in the newspaper. The theme was family and a quote of the French philosopher SartreFamily is like chicken pox, you get in childhood and you get marks for a lifetime (maybe my translation is not quite right but it gives the meaning of the quote).

We often spent time with our family. A family is a world by itself, hopefully with love and caring but even love can become a cage. Often we see violence, hatred and tension. I hope you have a caring and loving family that stimulates your creativity and potention. Otherwise you have to free yourself.
In my collages I try to express different aspects, the spectator can make his/her own story.
I love familystories. Being a part of a system, being in the history of your own children. Doing as well as I can but also aware of the "pox". 

My wish for you: Hold on to your dreams in 2012
Paulien/fontys danceacademy
photo: Amat Bolsius


Tina Eudora said...

Mariet you are so right!
My childhood was not good but it was my life challenge to overcome and we all get some of those in order to grow. But over the last few years I realized that I was allowing other people, my family, neighbors etc. to matter more than I did in my own life. No matter what I was doing I would drop everything whenever someone called and needed me or my time. Not good! So this year I have decided to make my creative time sacred and to allow myself time to meditate and discover without interruption. I know this will be a shock to some of those who are used to my being available for whatever they need but if I do not stand firm for myself who will?
Here's to a great 2012, to a wonderful journey of self-discovery for all of us who value our moments of privacy!
I hope your New Year will be amazing and filled with happiness!
Tina xo

Emce said...

Thanks for your comment, i will sent you an email!

Anonymous said...

Lieve zus,

Wat ben ik trots op je en wat ben ik trots op onze familie !
Een warm nest met de mogelijkheid om je te ontwikkelen op je eigen manier...
Die nog voelbaar!


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