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Monday, January 23, 2012

Painting an archangel, workshop by Jan Verdonk

Yesterday I followed a workshop by Jan Verdonk. Jan Verdonk is a thelogian specialized in Byzantine church historyNow he is an iconpainter and a teacher by profession. You do not have to be churchmember to follow his courses. I do not know much about icons but was interested in the old techniques and some day I want to paint Mother Mary ( I made some artcards with her image).
gabriel painted with egg tempura

Jan teaches to paint in a traditional way with egg tempera. He demonstrated how to make this paint with pigments, eggs and vinegar.  Egg-tempera is wellknown because of its bright colors.Unfortunately the remnants of the paint are bad for the environment. It was dificcult to paint because the texture is different from the acrylic and watercolors I am used to. Icon painting is not just making a copy. Everyone has a his/her own style. I certainly want to follow more classes but I have to find some time because the course is not in my neighborhood.

And perhaps some day I can paint my madonna..........


So Dark So Cute said...

Mooi hoor! Heel bijzonder dat Tempera. Wel gek dat er eieren doorheen worden geklutst. Je zou denken dat t gaat stinken of rotten?! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Buitengewoon mooi !
Heb even op de site van Jan Verdonk rondgeneusd en het is erg boeiend allemaal. Vooral de icoon "Maria Boodschap" vind ik heel bijzonder !



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