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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The story of Nehalennia

Nehalennia/Domburg/The Netherlands
Nehalennia, a Germanic goddess worshipped at the point where travellers crossed the North Sea from the Netherlands read more about this goddess: link

Every day we make thousand decisions, probably more.
What will I wear, what will I eat, what will I do first. When you think about it you are going be crazy. Many behaviour is, fortunately, automatic or conditioned. When we are making art we choose often automatically the colors, the composition or medium to work with.

This collage is inspired by my visit to Domburg
But sometimes it is hard to choose, do you know the feeling? Your brains and your heart have to approve your choice. When we are busy or troubled  it is more difficult to choose. The collage above is inspired by my dear DA-friend Kachan, she makes very colorful collages with beautiful women.

Made by Kanchan, visit her site!!
She sent me some beautiful artwork and papers wich I am trying to use in my latest collage. My Nehalennia is still not finished, perhaps I make an other thousand choices........perhaps I add a dog.

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Tina Eudora said...

I love that she has a dog! Although I have numerous rescued cats I have always loved dogs very much!
I wanted to let you know that I did receive the hair and it is fabulous, I can hardly wait to start working on some dolls now! I will be doing a post about the hair later today or tomorrow as I am working on a piece of art right now that is at a critical point. Thank you so much Mariet I cannot tell you how exciting it was to get mail from so far away with such a wonderful prize inside!
Tina xo


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