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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Give-away and Great International doll and bearshow Ahoy 2011

ball-jointed dolls

Hi Spiritmama and Tina, you are the lucky ones! Please send me your adress by mail and which two colours you prefer. I decided to give both of you two pieces!

AHOY 2011
made by Joan Koster
Yesterday my sister and I visited the show in Ahoy. We had a great time, meeting old and new friends. We have seen wonderful creations of fantasy-art, I do not like the reallife babies. It was hard to take pictures because of the light (and my skils). Caroline showed her way of making a doll, using lots of small layers of newspaper.

made by Caroline van Stiphout
made by Trolineke
                                                                  made by Kamilla Meesters


Anonymous said...

Hallo zusje,

Super gezeelige dag gehad met je in Ahoy. Het blijft boeien en is altijd nieuw, ook al gaan we al 14 jaar samen naar Rotterdam.
De foto's zijn toch nog goed geworden, ondanks je twijfel.
(Trolineke, ik heb heel veel bewondering voor je werk!)
Lief zusje, ik hoop dat we nog heel veel jaren samen de poppenbeurs kunnen bezoeken !

Tina Eudora said...

I am so happy right now Mariet and thank you so much! I sent you an email just now with my address. I missed seeing your post of the results because I haven't been online much this past week as I was sick and I have a beloved cat that is missing and I am heartbroken over it. Again thank you so much for this great opportunity!
~Tina xo


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