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Sunday, September 4, 2011

9/11 give away art card

Ten years after.

This card is meant for some-one who needs comfort or  strongly is attracted by this card/idea. Maybe you need some comfort for yourself. You can request the card for someone else or for yourself. You can write me by email or by a comment on this post, no other rules.

The card is full of symbols:
0f course the 9 and the 11.
There is a cross in the middle and the black and red stripes on the right symbolize the twintowers. Altough they are gone they remain in our collective memory and they will not dissapear from our minds.
There are nine red spots, the colour of blood. The one in the middle remains red because there will allways be sorrow for the victims. The gold around the other spots is the colour of hope and peace.
The madonna in the left corner is meant to comfort you.
The edges are black as a sign of mourning.

This card is meant for those who want peace and not revenge.

On the 9/11 I will randomly pick someone.

Copyright for this card reserved for emce-art.


So Dark So Cute said...

WOW...Mariet! You definately caught all the essence of 9/11 in this beautiful card!
I'm gonna show it on my page to give more attention ok?

Emce said...

that woul be nice!! thanks


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