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Friday, April 29, 2011

The royal wedding.

The wedding of Kate and William with many traditions brings me to my own 'history'. One of these days I found some old pictures of my grandparents, hidden in a box on the attic. I never knew my grandmother, she passed away before I was born. My grandfather was a kind man, who took me often for a walk when I was a child. Don't they look nice?

my grandfather
my grandmother
Last week I found some old portraits on a flea market. I could not resist them, they were one euro (for three). The paper of two of them is damaged. I think they were a couple. I imagine their life, what happened to them? Were they happy or was there much sorrow and pain in their lifes? Will there be a day that some stranger is holding my grandparents in his or her hand? I do not know what to do with these portraits, can I transform them in a piece of art? Tomorrow we celebrate Koninginnendag (the birthday of the mother of our queen), there will be many fleamarkets. I hope I do not see any old portraits, I cannot resist them and I intend to cleanup my attic.........

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