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Friday, April 15, 2011


When I was visiting the art-dollshow my husband and brother in law made a long distance walk. They discovered this little deer, trapped in a fence. The deer was abandoned by his family, it must have been to dangerous to stay on that spot. It took some time to release him but in the end he was walking to freedom! Nature should be protected, we should  cultivate less (or cultivate nature).

Hope would be a nice name  for this fawn because we hope that he or she will find his family

It brings me to children and the complexity of the society. There are so many traps outside, children easily get caught in the wilderness of society. I hope that somenone will help them when they cannot release themselves. In our country there were some severe shooting accidents lately. I sympathize with the victims and survivors, but also with the parents of the offender. I hope that there will be a day that they can see again the beauty and fragility of nature.

maple-leaf in our garden, fragile and strong

1 comment:

So Dark So Cute said...

How great they found this baby and could free her/him!
Such wise words Mariet!


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