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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Maastricht instead of Amsterdam and the nose of Ollie

Street along the river

Everyone who visits the Netherlands visits Amsterdam. We visited Maastricht (an old town in the south of the Netherlands) and the world most popular art and antique fair TEFAF. Maastricht is beautiful town with friendly people, many stores and many nice restaurants. In the evening we visited one of the small pubs and had a wonderful time with my family. 

I'm working on Ollie. Ollie thinks his nose is too big. I told him not to complain, yesterday I saw many old statues without a nose. Ollie thinks he will never be on an art- or antique-fair and he is probably right. He will never be a Picasso, Van Gogh or Chagall. I'm going to make his nose a bit smaller but you will never know what the future is holding in store for him.


1 comment:

So Dark So Cute said...

I never visited Maastricht,but i really want to some day.
Olly is a cutie!


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