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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Treasures in my garden

I want to show you some little treasures in my garden. I made these pictures this morning. September is coming and it is my favorite month of the year! The light is so beautiful and nature is ready for harvest and autumn. I love the structure of seeds and the colors of fruit.

The yellow, in contrast with the blue sky on my sunflowerpicture, is impressive. Many people associate sunflowers with Vincent van Gogh
I mentioned him before in one of my blogs. He is my favorite painter and he knew how to catch the colors. Take a virtual look, his name is linked to the Vangoghmuseum.


Tina Eudora said...

Just beautiful Emce, I also love the Autumn and how the colors of everything just seem richer and more intense.
A last hurrah before the winter perhaps?
Have a lovely weekend Emce!
Tina xo

Laurina Bartmann-Lucius said...

Hoi Mariet, hele mooie fotos. Daaraan kun je al zien dat de herfst eraan komt.
Groetjes Rianne

Regina said...

Beautiful photos. Love the sunflowers....reaching for the warmth of the sun. I love fall and all it brings with her.



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