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Friday, September 30, 2011

Leids Ontzet by Erwin Olaf

I want to show you these pictures. They look like an old painting of Rembrandt or another Dutch master. But these are the amazing pictures made by Erwin Olaf, one of the most prominent Dutch photograpers. The Dutch city of Leiden celebrates the libaraton of the Spanish (1574). 
Erwin Olaf added some modern small issues (a handbag, an i-pod and thongs) but you have to look very closely to find them.

by Erwin Olaf

by Erwin Olaf

by Erwin Olaf

by Erwin Olaf
He was inspired by an old painting.
You can see the making of by following this link of the newspaper: NRC

In mixed media we often use images of paintngs, perhaps these pictures will inspire you, but remind the copyright. I admire those artists who are able to transform their ideas into art. I must admit that sometimes I'm a bit jealous of their skills.

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