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Friday, May 13, 2011


We visited the isle of Norderney in Germany. A wondeful trip, meeting lovely people (Herzlichen Dank!), nice weather and making some long distance walks.

Blue is defenitly the color of this island. I mentioned it before, blue is a healing color. The city of Norderney is one big spa-resort. The nature is great and almost everyone who walks along the seashore expierences the blessings of the sea, it stimulates all our senses.
On our way back to the shore by ship we were lucky to see many seals, enjoying the sun, just like us.

I could not bring my clay with me but this break is hopefully stimulating my crativity. I decided to draw a small ACEO-print every week, to keep this energy flowing. You can look at it from different sides, from give and take, depending on your own postition and emotion, here is my first:

flowers need rain
do you see the rain or the flowers?


Anonymous said...

Wat is jouw blog mooi geworden en wat straalt het nu een rust uit! Prachtig!
Het weerspiegelt helemaal de titel.. "The mirror"
Je mag er best heel trots op zijn...ben ik ook op jou!
Heel veel liefs,


Abi said...

Lovely images! I could use some scenery like that :O)


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