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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Guardian Angel

You might agree that everyone needs a guardian angel sometimes. The concept of angels is developed in Christianity but also common in ancient greek philosophy. I like the angels of real life. Your neighbor, your sister or your friend can be yours. Perhaps your dog is yours and protects you or comforts you in hard times. When I think of a guardian angel I imagine a girl and wings. I made this little angel above a few weeks ago with maple seed as a stamp. Now it is time to present her.
Do you have a guardian angel? How does he or she look? I'm curious and perhaps your description can be an ispiration to me. Guardian angels are often depicted in paintings and folk-art. Below you see an ancient prayercard as used in Catholic Church.


Tina Eudora said...

Oh wow emce that is a huge question! First may I say I love the artwork!
I think at different times I have the feeling of different angels. Sometimes I sense my parents or grandparents, or my favorite aunt who was very specially in my life.
Now also my sweet dog Lili who passed away last December. I feel her spirit with me often when I am sad or lonely.
I like to think we are watched over by a variety of special spirits that come to us when we need them and a few who are always there.
Tina xo

Emce said...

Hello Tina
Thank you so much for sharing, it is so inspiring for me to hear stories. It inspires me to create new works. Thanks again!!


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